Investing in the Future

Maximizing asset value through investments, development and management

Our relationships, diligence and execution lead to satisfied clients to sustain long-term growth within our properties, by enhancing your property's overall value and visitor experience, and ensuring a maximum return on investment.


We Create Value for our investors with a hands-on approach in the day-to-day operations of the business and projects.



With years of experience as a results-oriented investment and development firm, we’ve built key relationships based on expert knowledge, trust and integrity. This results in exclusive access to real estate investment opportunities with high barriers to admission, typically seen in institutional funds.



EDIFIS performs an aggressive and comprehensive property selection process, identifying and acquiring retail, office, industrial and multi-family assets with unique growth potential, in order to thrive in a highly competitive environment.


Focus on Diversity

We pursue consistent, competitive returns with an emphasis on capital preservation. The conservative deployment of funds utilizing various debt instruments to increase yield and preserve liquidity results in our ability to offer unique opportunities for participation in a variety of income producing commercial real estate in core, value-add and development properties.



With a keen ability to identify potential for enhancement, and a proven track record of recognizing when to purchase, develop and hold assets along various time horizons and exit strategies, we have developed a measurable risk/reward portfolio with consistent and predictable returns.