Seasoned property managers and accounting experts, experienced in all property types

With over 25 years’ experience in office building, retail, industrial and multi-family property development and operations across the country, we know what it takes to successfully manage large operations. The Edifis Group is focused on building tenant relations by providing outstanding service. Our engineering and management staff ensures landlord and tenant requests are handled in an efficient and timely manner in order to keep operations running smoothly. When we work together, your property’s overall value and visitor experience are enhanced, ensuring a maximum return on investment. Our relationships, diligence and execution lead to satisfied clients to sustain long-term growth within our properties.

The Edifis Group has seasoned property managers and accounting experts that are experienced in all property types. When you select us to manage your asset, we will dedicate the resources necessary to maximize your cash flow and provide the highest return on your investment. Our knowledge of the Texas market, and trusted vendor relationships allow beneficial vendor pricing leverage that often results in immediate cost savings to our clients and their tenants. We create value for our clients with a hands-on approach in the day-to-day operations of their properties. Based on individual client needs, services can be customized to include:


Hands-on management of your property:

  • Lease administration
  • Tenant retention
  • Risk management
  • Security analysis
  • Utility analysis
  • Maintenance and operations
  • Vendor management and strategic sourcing
  • Regular inspections with tenant contact
  • Service contract management
  • Construction management


Receivership management:

  • Court appearances and court order compliance
  • Property stabilization and value preservation
  • Deferred maintenance analysis and execution


Accounting services (using nationally recognized MRI and AvidXchange Software programs):

  • Accounts receivable/payable
  • Monthly financial reporting
  • Annual operating and capital budgets
  • Property tax appeals
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Loan compliance
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Asset management:

  • Capital improvement planning/implementation
  • Due diligence
  • Financial analysis
  • Business plan development
  • Cash management
  • Financial modeling


We focus on maximizing your return on investment through our commitment to providing your center with all the key components of service required to operate in an efficient manner. From physically maintaining your center, to accounting, contract administration, reconciliation management and managing tenant relationships, you can confidently count on The Edifis Group to handle all aspects of your building’s operation.

Call us to discuss how we can best serve your needs.